Car accident injuries caused by broken glass can be quite severe. The victims of car accidents in particular sustain serious facial deformities due to a broken windshield cracking or their head going through the windshield. Glass imbedded in the skin is cause for immediate medical attention. Glass is foreign to the body, and besides scarring and deforming, leaving glass in a person’s body could cause serious infection. Once the glass foreign body pierces the skin, the victim could suffer from a large loss of blood, depending on how deep and where the glass broke the skin. If the glass breaks into many pieces in the skin, the victim could have glass splinters imbedded throughout the area. In a serious case, a doctor or plastic surgeon will have to physically remove all the splinters one by one. Or if large pieces of glass impale the victim’s vital organs, s/he is now in a life-threatening situation. The victim could face dire consequences such as a punctured lung, heart or kidney, for example.

If the victim is involved in an occurrence where the glass breaks on the face, such as a windshield in a car accident, they could face serious eye injury. The glass can shatter not only on and in the person’s skin, but also imbed into the eyes. If this occurs, the victim might face temporary or permanent damage of the optic nerve in the eye. Any damage to this nerve could cause permanent blindness in one or both eyes.

Whenever glass is broken into the body, there is a risk of scarring and deformity. The victim may suffer from large, noticeable scars across the face or other parts of the body. If the scar tissue does not heal correctly, the victim could suffer from lifelong pain. Any time a foreign body, such as glass, enters the skin, the risk of infection skyrockets. The victim risks staph infection and boils that will surround the area when infection is present. When a person has an open wound, staph becomes a danger. Staph is a very serious infection known to take the lives of its many victims. Installing protective window film specially made to hold glass together is a good investment.

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